Asylum of the Daleks is a television story first broadcast on 1st September 2012.

Recurring ElementsEdit

Doctor: Eleventh

Companions: Amy Pond , Rory Williams, Clara Oswald

Recurring Characters: None

Races: Daleks

Doctors TimelineEdit

  • The fact that the Doctor is trying to make himself more low key shows that this is set after The Wedding of River Song. No indication is given as to how long subjectively has passed between then and the opening of this story.
  • Prior to this story the Doctor has received a message which has led him to travel to Skaro to meet Darla who is requesting assistance.
  • The Doctor claims that he played the triangle on the recording that is being received by the Daleks.

Companions TimelineEdit

  • Amy is working as a model at the begining of the story and appears to have been for some time. It is not stated how long has passed since the end of Pond Life but given that Amy and Rory have gone as far as to have the divorce papers drawn up it must be a couple of months. 

Daleks TimelineEdit

  • The first scene in the story takes place on Skaro which the Doctor describes as "the original planet of the Daleks". The planet is as the Doctor points out in a poor state of repair. The buildings are run down and from his attitude it is not currently inhabited by the Daleks.
  • If this takes place for the Daleks after Victory of the Daleks it appears that they have not had time to reoccupy or have chosen to leave the planet in this condition.
  • The Daleks have set up a number of prison camps and the Doctor is aware that "No one escapes the Dalek camps".
  • The Dalek Parliament contains New Paradigm Daleks suggesting that the events are post Victory of the Daleks but as the progenitor device was itself from the Time War it is not certain. The fact that the Daleks now have a Prime Minister as opposed to an Emperor also suggests strongly post Victory of the Daleks.
  • Contrary to the evidence that Skaro had not been recoccupied the Dalek Parliaments size suggests that they have built up substantial forces.

Universe TimelineEdit