One of the great features of Doctor Who is the very flexible view of canon taken by the BBC, this wiki will endeavour to take as comprehensive view as possible. However in order to stand any possible chance of creating a consistent and meaningful timeline it will be necessary to define which stories are to be included.

Story pages can be created for any officially licenced story (licenced either by the BBC or by the relevant copyright holder). TARDIS Wiki has a fairly sensible view of canon  but this wiki will also allow story pages for Faction Paradox stories.

However when creating a timeline page for the Doctor, Companion or other recurring character or race it is necessary to be more focussed (so as to stand any hope of making these consistent). The initial position will be to include the following sources in the timeline:

  • Any story which appears on TV including Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures;
  • All audios produced by Big Finish;
  • All Novels including those of Virgin and the BBC;
  • All official short stories published by Virgin, BBC and Big Finish;
  • Other Miscellaneous Stories.

The following will not initially be included:

  • Comic Strips;
  • Peter Cushing Films and other stories not easily fitting within the Canon.

Over time hopefully this list can be added to and clarified and the talk page should be used to discuss changes. Some of the more modern comics such as those by IDW and Doctor Who Magazine can probably be incorporated into the timeline but those by TV Comic, the old annuals, etc. are probably impossible to reconcile.