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An attempt to work out a timeline for the Doctor. Over what period of time do Doctor Who stories take place? What is the correct chronology of stories from the Doctors perspective?


There are a lot of websites which set out lists of Doctor Who stories (including some which try to incorporate the Books and Audios) but there is little agreement on many placements. This wiki will contain entries for each story including those of the Extended Universe. Rather than act as an encylopedia entry it will focus on the timing:

  • Over what period does the story take place?
  • How long passes from the Doctors perspective?
  • How long passes from the Companions perspective?
  • What evidence is given as to the stories placement in relation to others?
  • How does this story fit in with the series established history, what dates are given?

We will then use the information from the story entries to work out:

  • How much of the Doctors 2,000 years have we seen and is this age consistent with the stories presented?
  • How long did each companion travel with the Doctor? 
  • What order do stories occur in from the Doctor perspective?
  • Can we establish a timeline of the Doctor Who Universe, including timelines for The Daleks , Cybermen and Gallifrey?

Unlike TARDIS wiki this is not an Encyclopedia but should focus on extracting certain key facts from each story. For a list of acceptable sources please see Canon policy .

Find a Story Edit

Find a story and begin adding key information. See Asylum of the Daleks for an example of how these pages should be formatted.

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